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  1. Claire Albertson Lampucende
    2012/01/17 at 4:45 下午

    Most of almost all, you don�� t must worry about that being cold or rough to the touch like a footpath.

  2. 土博士
    2011/11/29 at 12:05 上午


    GrandBond 啊, 妳在開玩笑? 我已經嚐過迷糊姥姥的仙人掌, 實在很難受又很痛. 再提什麽飛吻, 下一個可能就是她的鐵沙掌了. 那我可完了! 念遊子, 這還會安嗎? 可是我可以告訴妳們一個秘密, 那最後一景在普西山頂的夜景, 要不是她的姐姐洪惠玲當場響應深夜零晨上普西山. 最後一景就很可能沒了.

    Mao, That definitely worth the risk to go up there at the midnight to get that shot, especially I had 阿玲 protecting me. And oh the Tarzan, I thought you were going to use that rope to jump into the waterfall. Didn’t you?


    Thanks and that paycheck is far far away, as far as I can see. Ha!

    FYI, No, I did not sneak out. No time! Too much activities at the school reunion and could not afford to miss those funs. Most of the shots were done on the Oct 8 and 9 before the reunion started except the waterfall and festival of lights. Those were taken on the last day. And yeah, I had to stay around while taking those photo, and that is problem with time lapse, taking too much time. The shot at the Mekong river originally was planned to continue until the sky got dark. So I could take the shot of stars when the come out, but I forgot to pack the anti mosquito cream. For some reason, those Mekong mosquito love my blood so much. I had to abandon.

    • Neng
      2011/11/29 at 5:06 上午

      So you ran away from the Mekong mosquito to try to finish the work at Num Karn instead. But, then the bites at Num Karn were even more inviting that you somehow lost control of yourself and forgot to complete the work? Is that what you are really trying to say? 🙂
      Hey, I got a couple of minor complaints about all these shots. I remember a few other sweet spots of my own that somehow are missing from your work. But then I know you are now more in tune with the much bigger audiences. I understand, I understand. 🙂

    • 土博士
      2011/11/29 at 9:10 下午

      Sweet spots? Hmm! I wonder where they are? In anyhow, I have several other places on my mind that I love to film them, but I just simply ran out of time. But for the mosquito, I think I should thanks them for chasing me out of there. As I was packing my gears and ready to go, the sky was getting really dark. Suddenly, I thought about the thing 蛇精 in the Mekong river that I was joking about with 迷糊姥姥 back then. It gave a chills. Don’t ask me why. As I looked around, there was no one near by. One thing lead to another, all the ghost stories we used to hear just rushed in my mind. As you can imaging how fast I was leaving that place, and luckily I did not leave any of my gear behind. And no, I did not run to Num Karn but Phu Si among many people to keep me accompany.

  3. mao
    2011/11/28 at 11:45 下午

    GrandBond :…..該送個(飛)吻表謝意?

    嘿 ! webmaster, it’s worth it running up and down Phusy in the middle of the night isn’t it ? well , I admit we don’t always have chance to see such good Time-lapse ,really awesome ,but
    just tell me, where was Tarzan during these lapse of time 2:08 to 2:22 ?

  4. GrandBond
    2011/11/28 at 7:44 下午


    • 廖瑞娟
      2011/11/28 at 9:44 下午

      明正, very impressive! thank you so very much.

  5. 土博士
    2011/11/27 at 11:44 下午

    謝謝! 只是個好玩的嗜好. Thanks everyone!

    • 念遊子
      2011/11/28 at 3:26 上午

      土博士 就憑這輯精彩的片段 我想…迷糊姥姥和黑豹班 都體諒您為大眾服務的苦心!!
      我們大家都以您為榮呢!! 安啦~安啦~ 哈…..

      • 外星人
        2011/11/28 at 8:53 上午

        土博士 爲了這輯精彩的片段,在龍城幾天沒有好好照顧迷糊姥姥,到現在大小姐的氣還在肚子裡!!!我認為土愽士做得對了…讓她繼續生氣吧!!

    • Neng
      2011/11/28 at 6:28 上午

      Excellent slide show! I watched and felt like I have been back to LP for the thousandth time (not physically, mind you). Your video work has continued to look more and more tasty and professional. I think it is time to look for a paycheck with it to support this expansive hobby of yours.

      BTW, you sneaked out on all those parties on your own to stand guard the camera while it was taking all those timed shots? But then again, from all those pictures and video you all have shown, you were also all over the places too. Hmmm… maybe except 1 or 2 of the more important ones? Maybe?

  6. miang
    2011/11/27 at 10:46 下午


  7. Shelley
    2011/11/27 at 8:18 下午

    Uncle Shawn-

    Brilliant collaboration of videos and editing technique, summing up our 2011 Laotian experience into a memorable 7 minute video. I love it!

  8. Cowboy
    2011/11/27 at 6:23 下午


    You are still the greatest, captured most of the important scene that represented quite well about Luangprabang in few days; I give my cowboy hat off and give you a big bow for this extra ordinary effort.

    Thank your much,


  9. fukuofoo
    2011/11/27 at 5:25 下午


    • Sai
      2011/11/27 at 6:20 下午

      Yeah! Excellent picture!

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