1. 匿名
    2015/02/08 at 4:45 下午

    你可能不记的我 我住龙坡邦你家邻居 寮语叫上家下家.
    I remembered I last met you at Viengtiane that was almost fifty years ago. At that time you came back from Penang (Malaysia).
    I am very sorry hearing sad news from one of my friends who live Paris (France). He told me that your both mum and dad passed away.
    I live in Melbourne (Australia) the same city as your wife’s brother and sister. If you a chance to come to Melbourne, please let me know.
    Guess if you still remember me.

  2. 符明正
    2012/11/06 at 4:16 下午

    I voted! Have you? Are we going to know who is the winner tonight? Or the history is going to repeat the 2000 election again? What do you think about the electoral vote? Not so true one vote one count!

  3. 匿名
    2012/10/31 at 7:05 下午


    • 匿名
      2012/11/01 at 5:46 下午


      Thanks for your concern. We consider ourselves very lucky to have escaped Sandy without much damage to the property. We lost power for 2+ days (got it back last night). A minor damage to the sidings as one of the tree branches were playing drum against the siding the whole night. As of now, many folks are still getting by without power (includind traffic lights). Lots of fallen trees and fallen power lines still can be seen around the neighborhood. Long lines at the gas stations, etc. It will take some time before things are really back to normal. But, we are ok.


  4. 胡欽雄
    2012/10/29 at 6:30 上午

    美國史上最強颶風「珊迪」(Sandy)30日一大早將直撲美東,讓美東地區進入緊急狀態,期望住在那邊的朋友們,都能平安無事 !!

    • 匿名
      2012/11/01 at 5:53 下午

      I have talked to Chiu-Furn, 義興, Tao-Xian who are in Connecticut. We are all fine. Thanks, Neng

      • 胡欽雄
        2012/11/02 at 7:15 上午

        謝謝你傳來的消息,知道你們都很好,心中也快活起來.. 🙂

  5. 符明正
    2012/07/11 at 9:49 下午

    An UC Berkley Pre-Med with an incredible voice!!!

    • 洪 濤
      2012/07/12 at 1:09 上午

      Yes, indeed, she does, and few amount smart people…

  6. Hong
    2012/07/04 at 12:26 下午


  7. Hong
    2012/05/09 at 10:38 上午


    Astronomy Picture of the Day
    Discover the cosmos! Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.


    Listen to songs this website

  8. 符明正
    2012/05/07 at 11:07 下午

    Do Not DIAL 809, 829, 649, 876, 284, and 849 Area Code.

    They get you to call by telling you that it is information about a family member who has been ill or to tell you someone has been arrested, died, or to let you know you have won a wonderful prize, etc..

    In each case, you are told to call the 809 number right away. Since there are so many new area codes these days, people unknowingly return these calls.

    If you call from the U.S. or Canada (it might happen to other country too), you will apparently be charged a minimum of $242 per-minute.

    And you’ll also get a long recorded message. The point is, they will try to keep
    you on the phone as long as possible to increase the charges.


    The 809area code is located in the Dominican Republic. The charges afterward can become a real nightmare. That’s because you did actually make the call. If you complain, both your local phone company and your long distance carrier will not want to get involved and will most likely tell you that they are simply providing the billing for the foreign company. You’ll end up dealing with a foreign company that argues they have done nothing wrong.

    The bottom line is: There are so many new area codes nowadays, so don’t return any call if you recognize the area code.

    You can see more info at the FCC and AT&T links:


  9. Hong
    2012/04/04 at 10:17 上午

    慶祝 快樂兒童日

  10. 符明正
    2011/11/24 at 8:39 下午

    Happy Thanksgiving To All Chung Cheng Alumni!

  11. 符國仼.
    2011/11/05 at 12:58 上午


  12. Bou
    2011/08/28 at 10:58 上午

    電視報導: “愛琳"颱風減速之消息後.也一点安慰!希望它不会你们紐澤西的城市太大的破坏.

    • Neng
      2011/08/29 at 4:12 上午


      颶風艾琳是相當瘋狂! Flooding and damages in lots of areas in NJ as well.

      Amazingly, it is a beautiful sunny day today! For the most parts, my family got through it in one piece. A couple of fallen big tree branches. One nearly missed my daughter’s room and the family room (it actually touched the family room window). Minor damages as a result to the gutter and siding only though. But, it could have been worse, much worse.

      Thanks for your concern. We are ok!


      • 愚人
        2011/08/29 at 4:31 上午


      • 符明正
        2011/08/29 at 8:44 上午

        Wow! That bad in NJ. Good to hear that everything is OK with you and your family. This year has really strange weather. We just have our first heat wave in Southern California and summer is about to be over. Well, can’t really complaint about the weather here. I guess we are lucky here.

  13. Bou
    2011/01/30 at 5:26 下午


  14. Hong
    2011/01/30 at 11:27 上午



  15. 匿名
    2010/12/24 at 7:17 下午

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

    Jeung E and family

  16. 符明正
    2010/11/25 at 12:48 下午

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone And Hope You Eat A Lot A Lot Of Turkey.

  17. 符明正
    2010/07/27 at 12:53 上午

    In Performance at the White House
    Paul McCartney: The Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song will be showing on PBS this coming Wednesday July 28, 8:00pm (check your local PBS station for the show time. Southern California KCET channel 28 and HD channel will be showing on 8:00pm and 9:30pm)

  18. Bounsaly (Souksay) Oottamakorn Foo Shier Lee
    2010/06/19 at 9:10 下午

    yes, I remember her, we called her Euie Mek, she is Dao’s older sister. Too bad I don’t have her phone number, cause sometime I do go to colorado spring’s tample.
    Thank you for reply. Ly

  19. Fu,Kuo-Fa (Phat) 符國發
    2010/06/03 at 11:00 下午

    Fu,Kuo-Fa (Phat) :LaksayI am so busy to do my joy, I have no time to sit down do the web.How above your family, Everthing is good, I hope some day your can come to visit us in BKK . Please send E-mail to me, I can see everday.Tks

  20. lui
    2010/06/03 at 9:43 下午

    Hi Laksay,
    We went to Luang Prabang visited your brother (Han Ing Kuang)…who operates guest house there. It was my first visit your hometown.

  21. lui
    2010/06/03 at 9:32 下午

    Hi Mr. Fu,
    No I don’t really care about the Beatles but solo Paul M. I don’t mind going. By the way, I am really a Rock & Roll fan. The Beatles suck…Sorry Mr. Fu.

    Ever heard of Crosby, Stills and Nash?

    • Neng
      2010/06/09 at 1:56 下午

      Liu, I can sense that you are a fun loving type of a guy! The Beatles suck? You must have visited The Beatles Suck page too much and so got totally convinced that it is true. But, hey, freedom of speech, that may truly be your take. No sweat, your choice. But, I’m afraid comment like that may not find too many good companies here. 🙂

      Crosby, Stills, and Nash? Good taste, I must say. I was thinking you might say your favorite band is the Who or something.

      Now, as for me, Paul McCartney in concert? Wow, I would not miss it if I could afford it and able to get a ticket. Even if it is to listen to all those silly love songs (John Lennon said that about Paul’s songs, BTW). John Lennon, now that one I would not miss it regardless of the ticket price. Of course, I might need to pick up the phone and start calling some generous friends for the opportunity. But, as they said, only the good die young. So, like many things in life, we sometimes miss the big opportunity. 🙂

      Lastly, I am not the Mr Fu that you posted the comment to. But, hey, there is more than one Mr Fu around.

  22. Fu,Kuo-Fa (Phat)
    2010/06/03 at 9:27 下午

    I am so busy to do my joy, I have no time to sit down do the web.
    How above your family, Everthing is good, I hope some day your can come to visit us in BKK . Please send E-mail to me, I can see everday.Tks


  23. 韓建光&俞风云
    2010/06/03 at 9:20 下午

    Hi Neng,

    I did not see the names of your two brothers and your younger uncle from your mother side in here? He was my classmate. How are they doing in Australia?

    Your mon came to see us four year ago in Atlanta.


    • Bounsaly (Souksay) Oottamakorn Foo Shier Lee
      2010/06/04 at 2:32 下午

      Hi I air and Euie Perp,
      How are you two doing???
      This is Neng’s older sister(Ly) in Denver,CO. I am glad to see you two on net, I still remember you well. Euie Perp, do you remember the last time I met you was in Taipei when I went with the tour, it was 1973. My 2 older brothers and uncle Dek are doing fine in Australia. Dek still single, Guang has 2 daughters, Ken has 1 son. I have 3 sons.

      • Laksay Somphone (韓建光)&Bouachine Somphone( 俞 风 云)
        2010/06/19 at 11:32 上午

        Maybe you already know her .She is living in your area.Your father and her father is very good friend. She is our clasmmate . Now she is living in Colorado Spring for the last twenty years: She has one girl and one boy.Girl was graduated from Harvard.

        Name:雲霞( cynthia Yan)

        • 2011/09/20 at 10:21 下午


    • Neng
      2010/06/07 at 9:03 下午

      Wow! Laksay (Ai Air Jin Guong, that is the name I remember you by. 🙂 ) and Euir Perp, when was it? 25 years ago that I met you 2 in Vegas? Gees, a quarter of a century went by just like that. I’m glad to hear from you again and thanks for still remmembering me. I said to Shawn before he made this site public to all that he was going to be making a great service to all. I knew I was right! 🙂 Don’t you agree? Hey, it has attracted quite a few folks so far. I am sure there will be more to come.

      To reinterate what Ly has said above, Na Dek has been living in Canberra, Australia for over 20 years now. I will sure let him know about the site and that you have asked of him. My 2 older brothers Guang and Ken are busy with their own lives in Sydney Australia for the most parts. I’m sure that “one day" when they are ready, they will come on to join the excitements here too. At this point, they may still be a bit shy of banging on the keyboards and they do not use the PCs a lot. But, I have passed the words about the site and I do hope that they visit here from time to time to check on things.

      My Mom likes to travel whenever she can. I am glad that she was able to visit you 4 years ago and thanks for welcoming her.

  24. Ling Shi Yong 凌緒榮
    2010/06/02 at 10:00 下午

    Hello Ai Air and Euy Pherp,

    nice to see you here


    • Laksay Somphone (韓建光)&Bouachine Somphone( 俞 风 云)
      2010/06/03 at 4:13 下午

      How is your job over there. Ask Fu Kou- FA in Thaland joint us.I did not see hi name here?


    • Fu,Kuo-Fa (Phat)
      2010/06/03 at 9:30 下午

      where are you now.
      Phat My E-mail phat@oecbkk.com

    • Ling Shi Yong 凌緒榮
      2010/06/03 at 10:58 下午

      Hello Ai Air and Ai Phat,

      I am working in Thakhek city for almost 16 months now,
      busy more then normal but very much enjoy what i do.

      have time to come Laos for a visit?

      I will call you if i have time to stop in BKK,
      hope you business as good or better then before.

      Best wish to both of you and family


  25. 符明正
    2010/05/25 at 8:38 下午

    If you are Beatles fan like me, you don’t want to miss this Paul McCartney US concert tour. I went to one few years ago. It really worth seeing it, at least once in a lifetime. Here is the info:

    Paul McCartney has announced two new performance dates, the first at San Francisco’s very own AT&T Park on Saturday July 10th, and then at the Rio Tinto stadium in Salt Lake City on Tuesday July 13th, as part of his ‘Up and Coming’ 2010 tour. Keeping with his headline-making special concerts over the last few years, the tour will see the iconic star and his band play unique venues, places and locations; new cities he’s never played and familiar markets he’s not visited for a while.

    The July 10th concert date at AT&T Park will be Paul’s first performance within the City of San Francisco since The Beatles’ last concert tour appearance – at Candlestick Park on August 29, 1966.

    The July 13th concert date in the stunning Rio Tinto Stadium setting will be Paul’s first-ever performance in the great State of Utah.

    San Francisco Tickets
    Tickets go on-sale Monday, May 24th at 10am (local time) through all Ticketmaster locations or online at http://www.Ticketmaster.com and http://www.APEConcerts.com

    Salt Lake City Tickets
    Tickets go on-sale Monday, May 24th at 10am (local time) through http://www.RioTintoStadium.com or (888) 477-5849

    Presale Tickets
    The AMEX presales will begin on Thursday 20th at 10am (local time).
    The website presale will also begin on Thursday 20th, details and links to be announced on the day.

  26. 2010/04/23 at 5:24 下午

    Welcome to 美國區閒談. If you have an announcement, activity, story, news, or anything that you like to post, please post it here. It is easier and quicker to write in English anyway.

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